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Here at Ritchie & Associates – Psychologists we have a team of fully registered experienced psychologists who are available to offer professional psychological services to you in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our ethos is to “Help you to help yourself” with a wide variety of life situations.

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Ian Ritchie

Forensic Psychologist

Ronelle McConaghy


Graeme Rawson


Joanne McGregor


How do Psychologists Help?

Psychologists use observation, interviews and tests to clearly identify the nature and extent of the problem and then decide upon the best form of assistance. They then choose the treatment that best suits your needs, your personality and your circumstances.

Some issues may be dealt with in one or two sessions, others may take longer as behaviour change can be a difficult process.

Psychologists can also work in conjunction with your Doctor or other Allied Health Professional on issues that require medical / physical as well as psychological therapy.

Psychologists assist you to help yourself to make effective and durable life changes by providing a safe, supportive environment for you to explore your concerns and issues.  Psychologists listen, reflect, provide feedback and options allowing you to take the necessary steps to achieve positive changes.

Psychologists can assist you by providing objective psychological assessments which may be used in courts or tribunals where decisions may be made about your future.  Psychologists are trained to provide state of the art professional assessments of people and situations.

Is it Confidential?

All counselling is strictly confidential and carried out within the guidelines of the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics. All information received is protected under the National Privacy Principles Act .

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